Top 10 useful and interesting extensions for a better Chrome experience


       Google Chrome is one of the most commonly used browsers across the globe, with more than 45% of internet users using it. Currently you might be using a Google Chrome browser as you are reading this article. No wonder, the simple, elegant and easy-to-use interface along with it being considerably faster than others has made it a popular choice among internet users. But, as humans we are not always satisfied with just that. We want more and more in a browser means adding little bits of code that makes our browsing experience and usage more interesting and easier. 
         Extensions as mentioned in Google Chrome developer page are “small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser”.  You can benefit from these small programs in a huge way, and in many ways you will find that it enhances your productivity and usage in a great manner. 
Here are some of the most useful and interesting Chrome extensions that you will help you to have a better web experience:

1. Sortd – Enhance your Gmail productivity

       Now do not let your important emails get lost in the inbox. Sortd turns your Gmail into a Kanban-styled board and you can sort them into actionable boards. It is a useful thing to prioritise your emails and make it like a task manager; increasing your productivity my easily organising the mails according to importance.

2. Ginger – No more typos

           Save yourself from a lot of embarrassment the next time you send an email or post an update on Facebook or Twitter. Ginger automatically checks for any typographical and grammatical errors in your text and suggest the correct ones. It is free and simple to use. It is a great tool who are not that confident about their grammar and language skills. 

3. Adblock Plus – Time to put a stop to irritating pop-ups and ads

          Are you annoyed by constant pestering from pop-up ads and obtrusive ad banners? It is time to get the Adblock Plus extension for your Google Chrome browser. It will block all the irritating ads that are displayed in websites and get a clear view of the content. The best thing is that it is free. 

4. Hover Zoom – Easy viewing of pictures in Facebook, Twitter, etc.

          If you are going through social media networks very often, this is a wonderful tool for you. With this extension, you can view full pictures without clicking them. You just need to hover the mouse pointer over a picture and get a zoomed out full sized one. It works with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Amazon, Tumblr, etc.

5. Bitly – Shorten an url for easy sharing

          Do you need to share links often on the internet? Sometimes the web urls are long enough to be shared and when it comes to platforms that have limited character count it is a grave problem. Bitly solves this problem my making urls shorter and thus, more easily shareable.

6. TabCloud – Tabs for future use

       Are you addicted to opening more tabs than you can handle. This extension will come as a relief to you. TabCloud saves your tabs to a cloud syncing service so you can open them at another time or on another computer in just a click. Now reduce RAM use, battery life and free your web browser from slowing down.

7. Social Fixer – A solution to annoying Facebook posts

      This is another useful extension for Facebook users. Do you like Facebook but hate those annoying posts like candy crush posts that are swamping your feed? Get the social fixer extension on you Chrome and do away with those unwanted posts with just a keyword. It will give you a lot more control on how your feed should look like.

8. Turn Off The Lights – Get unobstructed video viewing

        Are you glued to videos on YouTube and Vimeo most of the times? It might occur to you that the video suggestions and other content around the video space are hampering your viewing experience. If you do not want to make the video full-screen and still want a good watching experience, then Turn Off The Lights is a great extension for you. It darkens the content around the video space and focuses on the video. 

9. Dropbox For Gmail – Share items from your Dropbox account

        If you are using Dropbox for your official purposes and need to send items from your Dropbox account in Gmail, then this extension comes handy. You can directly attached documents, pictures and other files from Dropbox and saves you from the long process that it usually needs.

10. Google Dictionary – Understand better, Learn more

      Sometimes you may come across a word whose meaning you do not know. The Google Dictionary extension helps you to understand the meaning of a new word. It also helps you to get the translated meaning of a foreign language within the text. 
Interested by some of the above mentioned extensions? Install them and see how useful these little extensions can be. 

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