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      Gone are the days when your good sound sleep was often disturbed by the very irritating notifications/alerts that kept beeping for the entire night. Thanks to the tireless efforts put in by the team of app designers and developers which has enabled us to enjoy the flexibility of managing any and every interruption that might occur due to our smartphone.
          Following the footprints of iOS, even Android is now equipped with a brand new feature called Do Not Disturb. Renamed as Interruptions, this Android feature has started winning the hearts of millions of Android users across the globe. In today's blog, I'll be offering you a deep insight into the aspects of this Android feature that have played a pivotal role in ending the distractions caused due to smartphone notifications and alerts. So, let's get to know it better!

The basic thought of switching off our smartphone gives us jitters because we can't afford to stay unaware about our important mails and updates. We are fortunate enough in having a quick access to Android Lollipop that allows us to manage all the interruptions in an amicable way, without expecting us to turn it off, followed by banishing it into the drawer. 

What does Android 5.0 Lollipop have in store for users who tend to get annoyed by regular notifications and alerts?
          Considering the ever-growing concern of Android users regarding the unstoppable distractions in the form of notifications and alerts, Google has added a new functionality into its Android 5.0 Lollipop release. This functionality allows you to mute an incredible suite of distractions that tend to interfere with your smooth lifestyle. With an added flexibility of keeping notifications/alerts from few apps and contacts active, you can save yourself from the so-called priority notifications that refrain you from taking breaks in between your busy schedule. 

Quick Settings will encourage Android users to embrace the Interruptions feature
      Google has introduced some significant changes in its all-new Android L operating system version. One such change that has been embraced by global Android users is the Quick Settings menu. With an improved Quick Settings menu, it has become convenient for users to access settings for manipulating the controls in a better way. In order words, when you choose to access an item in Android 5.0 Quick Settings section, the basic panel will get transitioned into an innovative interface element that is related to the chosen setting. For example, if you press the WiFi title, a panel containing the list of available networks along with an option to toggle Wifi on and off will be displayed. Additionally, there will be a 'More' link located towards the bottom of the panel which would take you to the Full settings app where you can implement more complex settings. 

Interruptions- Turning it “On” and “Off”
         Globally recognized by the name 'Interruptions', the Do Not Disturb feature of Android L can be accessed by simply opening the smartphone's settings section and tapping the “Sound & notification” label. Here, a complete insight about all the Sound controls available for alarms, media and other notifications, will be displayed. Also, you'll be able to find a section named 'Interruptions'. You can choose to tap on this label for being able to make a choice as to whether you want the notifications to interrupt you always, whether you want notifications to interrupt you when they have been set up as priority interruption etc. You may even opt for turning off the interruptions completely for a specific duration of time. It is crucial for you to learn about the method of turning off interruptions completely. Well, you can turn off Interruptions as a whole by selecting from around eight time increments i.e. from a time slot of fifteen minutes to eight hours or on an indefinite basis. Setting up your interruptions to an 'Indefinite' mode will mean that your device won't interrupt you unless and until you turn the interruptions option “On” again.  

Wrapping Up
     Backed by features such as quick access, fully-customizable interruptions, notifications' management in Interruptions mode on a per-app basis etc., have helped Android's 'Interruptions' functionality attain the amount of recognition that it holds today. This Interruptions feature in Android 5.0 Lollipop has been serving as a magic wand for smartphone users who hate all-time disturbances. 

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Addison Cohen is an application developer for Appsted Ltd, a mobile app development company. He loves sharing latest information on mobile technology and provides concrete information on technologies like iOS, Android mobile apps development.

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