Hello World Android Application in Eclipse


This post will help you to create and run Hello World Android Project in Eclipse.

        To continue developing your first android application you need to download Android SDK first. You can find this tutorial in Configure Android on PC
  1. Open eclipse, set your working folder then go to File –>New – >Android Application Project.
  2. Here you will have to fill some details which are described clearly below.


    Application Name: Application name should be a user friendly name. This name will be displayed everywhere to identify your application. For example ‘Angry Birds’, ‘Talking Tom’ are some of the application names.
    Project Name: This need not be taken care much as this name is used as an identifier in eclipse. This can be same as your application name or even some other name as developer’s choice but to maintain integrity same name as application name is preferred to use.
    Package Name: Package name is something which has to be given some importance similar to Application name. Android packages follow same conventions as Java packages so this must be a valid Java package name. Package name cannot be changed later. It should have atleast two identifiers.

  3. Then proceed with other default settings, the last pop will be the Activity screen. Now you should be able to view something like the below screen.

  4. Application Name is HelloWorld. To run and view this application in Android Emulator Right click on your project and click RunAs Android Application as shown below


  5. Now you must be able to see you application in Android emulator as shown below. You need to unlock the virtual phone to view your application. Or if you face any database connectivity issues it must be due to your firewall settings or Antivirus. If not you will be able to see the below screen

    So simple right !! Now we are done with basic Hello world application in Eclipse.. 

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