Hello World Android project in Netbeans


To proceed with follow this link and configure Android SDK in Netbeans first.

1.  Once Android SDK is configured, open Netbeans, go to File -> New Project and create New Android Project as shown below.

2.  Select Next and proceed , fill in the details requested.
    Project Name: This name is the identifier of your application and will be displayed everywhere your           application is being used. For instance your application will be displayed in this name in Google market. So name it with care.
     Package Name: This follows the same conventions like Java package. Many developers does mistake here by using a single identifier (HelloWorld) or using two identifiers separated by space(Hello World) but this is not the way to name a Java package.
     If you do so you will get the below error message. Package name should have two identifiers separated by periods(.)
      Example: com.helloworld

So if you follow the correct package naming convention you will be able to proceed as shown below.

   Target platform: It is against which you are going to compile your code, chose as you wish.

3.  So simple as such, now click Finish. Now select your project either press F6 or run button at the top to execute your project. Emulator window will open to display “Hello World, MainActivity “.

Thus we have created Hello world application in Netbeans... 


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  1. Explanation looks simple and good. Great post!!! thanks...

  2. Nice post... Can anyone explain me which IDE is best for android apps?

  3. @Mayaaa PN... use Eclipse

  4. Pavan @(pavanh)

    hi like your domain and very nice tutorial , very detailed and explanatory and helpful for beginners

  5. Nice tutorial.. very much helpful for beginners.. keep posting more.. Thanks..


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